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An Interview with Katie Krimitsos, Founder of the Women’s Meditation Network.

What an inspiring woman! Katie Krimitsos recently celebrated 40 Million Downloads of her Podcast!

Hear about Katie’s entrepreneurial and podcasting journey. Find out about the model she developed to transform her life and gain total time freedom. She’s a busy mom, just like many of you, and she figured out how to make it all work. She has some very encouraging and uplifting words for you. Not to be missed!

Katie Krimitsos will also be featured on our Monetizing Your Podcast Panel in the Women in Podcasting track at Podfest. We invite you to join us there IRL! Meet Katie and I life and in person in Orlando, Florida May 26-29th. Get 20% off of Podfest tickets

Katie has been using the tools of meditation since she was 18 years old. First, as it was introduced to her during the last few minutes of yoga classes. Then at multiple Buddhist centers during regular meditation classes. Later in intimate group meditations. And eventually through miraculous technologies like podcasts and apps that provided guided meditations she could use during the darkest and lightest seasons of her life.

The Women’s Meditation Network is THE home for guided meditations that are created for the very special journey that we women walk throughout this life.

Katie Krimitsos

Podcast: Meditation for Women

Website: Women’s Meditation Network

Instagram: @katiekrimitsos

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

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