Rant Alert + A Question

Rant Alert: Well not just a rant, but a question for you.

As people are moving back into live, in-person interaction, I see people doing events and collaborations…the wrong way.

It’s such a shame. Such a waste of talent and energy. So many opportunities and resources wasted.

As many of you know, I’ve planned and promoted over 500 events, not as an event coordinator, but as one mechanism for building my business and elevating engagement around my message.
Along the way, I’ve seen situations where people have built the most beautiful events…and no one showed up!

Their event or program is empty, or they don’t get enough response, so they become visibly desperate. That is NOT the kind of visibility anyone wants or needs.

So, why do they do it? Why does it happen? They are missing key components and they don’t even realize it. They are breaking it further, not fixing it.

As many of you have witnessed, I know how to build thriving communities.
So, some people come into my groups and try to pilfer my members thinking that will solve their problem.

Nope, copying pieces of someone else’s work and stealing from their efforts is not the answer.
Why? Because, they will never grasp what they’re lacking by taking that route. It’s a very short-term gain, which isn’t a gain at all.

People who know what they’re doing plan for the long game.

I can see exactly what they are missing. Their actions and missteps are very obvious and transparent to me.

But, guess what, my response over the years has not been with malice.
I’ve chosen to be better, rather than bitter.

In fact, I’ve reached out to many of them over the years and tried to help them. I’ve rescued a few, but in the end, most are too vain or prideful to take the advice, play nice or ask for further help.

By the time people resort to competitive stealing – yikes! – their mindset has taken a dive further than they think.

They don’t understand the difference between modeling and copying.

If you want to avoid ALL of that, I have the expertise to show you, not only the right way to do an event or collaboration in a way that feels good and achieves your goals faster, but draws an unending flow of loyal community members, peers and thought leaders into your orbit.
I have created proprietary systems that DON’T use sleazy tactics or sneaking around stealing other people’s connections.

Anyone interested in getting the answers and learning my proven methods for filling your events & programs, curating & cultivating top shelf collaborations, and building thriving communities around your message? Yes or No? Answer in this post in our Women in Podcasting group.

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