11 Ideas for Monetizing Your Podcast

When it comes to monetizing your podcast or content, you can… (A.) Find sponsors or use services like Patreon to monetize your following OR (B.) Build your own offer and set up your own funnel.

I find it far more lucrative to build my own memberships, online courses and programs to monetize my podcast. Below are some ways of doing that. In your show, offer a lead magnet. I don’t sell in my episodes – some do, but I don’t – just offer your complimentary lead magnet. Then once people are on your list, build a rapport and relationship with them, then offer a paid solution to those who need it.

It’s about serving people, bringing value and providing solutions.

Your own funnel could involve leading people to things like an online course, membership, mastermind, 1-1 coaching, product or service. Or be an affiliate for products or programs related to your micro niche. It can work for any niche or industry.

When you offer your free lead magnet in your show, make sure it’s something your listeners really want, for example, a checklist, workbook, journal,  templates, ebook, or video.

Use Constant Contact to capture the leads and  deliver your freebie in a way that is compliant with the email laws. I use it for growing my list and building meaningful relationships with my audience: CLICK HERE for this amazing tool.

Community building and list building are at the core of any online monetization.

It’s about creating a system that supports your passion. So you can serve the world with your purpose!

Hope this helps!!! I’ll be sharing a lot more on this, but wanted to drop this quick note today for anyone who’s looking for ideas and solutions that they can use right away. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jennifer Henczel, Founder | Podcaster| Author

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