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A vibrant community of podcasters & expert guests dedicated to elevating women’s voices in the podcasting world. It offers support, resources, and networking opportunities for women podcasters.

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Women in Podcasting Network

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All of Jennifer Henczel and Angela Feser’s memberships and toolkits combined.

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Women in Podcasting Show

Enjoy uplifting stories and powerful podcasting strategies. Plus Jennifer Henczel interviews inspiring women podcasters and podcasting experts from around the world

Starting a Podcast

Learn About Starting a Podcast. Find out how a podcast can help you and your business, tips and tools for starting your podcast and much more!

Magnetize & Monetize Masterclass

Learn our methods for growing Your Audience, Elevating Your Engagement and Igniting Your Impact.

Group Growth Masterclass

Learn about Building a Thriving Community and Turbocharging Your Traffic

Influence Formula Masterclass

A Framework for more Flow, Focus, and Freedom. A proven path for moving from invisible to impactful. A system for building Influence and Prosperity.

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Learn about Creating an Engaged and Thriving Signature Community that Generates Monthly Recurring Revenue

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